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Digital Advertising

Instagram, Google, YouTube

We take your brand, platform, and the business you’ve worked so hard to build out into the world through campaigns. And we’re not just throwing you to the wolves, mind you, but rather preparing you to go to market with a sound lead generation strategy and the metrics to back it up. That way, when we help you achieve exposure through expert placement, execution, and delivery, the creative concepts and overarching campaigns will stick with your consumer. This includes the correct copy and funnel building necessary to maximize results.




Your business’s first impression

At Marketingback we understand that having a visually appealing website is only half of the equation of having a successful one. This is why we focus on combining creative design and vivid photography, with intuitive navigation, seamless user experience, and multi-device functionality. This Website Design and Development strategy enures that while your website illustrates the story of your business, the functionality delivers the results you expect.

Influencer Marketing

Growing your brand

Your potential clients watch less TV, ignore banners and skip traditional commercials. They are not into being exposed to aggressive advertisements every few minutes either. 

What do they like? Constantly scrolling through their social media feeds looking for the next big thing. But the biggest buzz is taking place inside the pages of the superstars that grew there: influencers.

Their pages are home to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of loyal, avid followers waiting impatiently for their next post and following their every move.

Email Marketing

Creating your story

We’ll write conversion-focused email copy with email-specific direct response techniques that compel your subscribers to take action. We put every email through rigorous testing to guarantee maximum compatibility. So, you send emails that display perfectly in any email client, on any device. 


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We are a full service digital agency that turns visions into reality through our efficiency. Depending on the goals of the client, we provide a plan to achieve those goals, and then put that plan in motion.

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  • Marketingback, Zurich, digital marketing agency, influencer marketing, digital advertising, Marketin
  • Marketingback, Zurich, digital marketing agency, influencer marketing, digital advertising, Marketin

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